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Zip It Up!

As parents, we spend years working toward our children moving out and living independently. Many live in apartments or town homes with a room mate. Some live alone. Others live with a group of people similar to college students – sharing space … Continue reading

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What does p**p have to do with learning?

Ok, I admit it. I have a “sardonic” sense of humor. I have an eye for the ironies of life for my child and his peers. The following may not make some very happy, but it reflects a very real … Continue reading

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More! All Done! No Way!

The choices we make drive the direction of our lives and our health. Coaching people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) is driven by the choices people make. All sorts of people: the person with IDD, the people who provide support, the people they live with, family members, health care professionals, their friends. Continue reading

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Defining Clear Communication

For those who have read for a while, you know that I enjoy teaching through writing. This has good points and challenges. And sometimes they are both of those at the same time! I write a beginning blog for work … Continue reading

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Relationships vs. Rules

If relationships are key to experiencing value and quality lives for peoplew ho experience disabilities, why do we continually increase the rules by which they must live to receive our support? Continue reading

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Where’s the phone to heaven?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve called my Mom at least once a day. I realize now that I am fortunate that my relationship with my Mother – both my parents – is healthy and good. Sure, we … Continue reading

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“Be good to yourself.”

I went to a memorial service this morning. It was a celebration of the life of one of my high school friends’ father. Specifically, it was the father of a friend who was in my high school and college age … Continue reading

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